Cheese Making
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How to Make Homemade Cheese Making Recipes

The milk must be fresh, we suggest that the milk be no more than three days old for fresh raw milk.  What we have is one cow and so we store the milk in the fridge until we have our three and a half gallons.  For store bought milk just go by the expiry date.

When using milk from your own cow or goat, be sure to store it in clean sanitised containers. Glass containers or stainless steel are ideal in my opinion for they cool quickly and they also clean well in the dishwasher.

All your utilities (cheese cloth, the press, etc.) must be sanitised before using each time.  I use any bacterial dish soap and chlorine bleach to wash everything in, following with a very thorough hot rinsing. Cleanliness is the key to success.  If you have a wood press, putting it in the dishwasher is not recommended. The dishwasher could ruin your cheese press.

A stainless steel or plastic press are absolutely the best, for they scrub well and are dishwasher compatible. The reason for all the scrubbing and cleanliness to get rid of any potential milk stones that may form on any surface that has come into contact with milk.  Milk bacteria multiply very quickly.   Unwanted bacteria could ruin your wheel of cheese or even make you sick.

First, let's talk about your kitchen. 

  • Ideally the temperature of your kitchen should be in the range of 20 C for Canadians or 70F for those who live in the US.  Unless you have air conditioning, your kitchen may be too warm during the summer months for cheese making.  In the Fall through to Spring, it is much easier to keep the temperature constant around the 70 F mark.

  • Next, you don't need a big or fancy kitchen to make cheese from these recipes, but your kitchen must be very clean for the best chance of success.  The key is you don't want to get the wrong bacteria working in your cheese, which could lead to a bitter or sour wheel of cheese, yuk!

  • We will be using certain types of bacteria to produce the different recipe's and varieties of cheeses.  Unwanted bacteria can come from a few crumbs of bread left on the counter to a hair falling into the cheese pot. So give your work area a good thorough cleaning before you begin and you will have very good success with your cheese making.

Take the time necessary to follow the cheese recipe precisely. With ideal tempuratures, a clean kitchen, and proper ingredients, your cheese recipe will make a delicious product.

When you make homemade cheese, you could give it away as a gift cheese. We have found that cheese gifts work great when the cow is just giving too much cheese for our family to eat. We have discovered that family and friends will come back to buy cheese the next time. 

They have stood in our doorway and said, “I need to buy some more cheese from you. I have to share this good stuff with my friends at the golf club. It tastes so good, it‘ll make the perfect gift. You don’t mind if they join your cheese club, do you?” You can begin your own cheese club in your area. Your club can feature a cheese of the month. You and your friends can experiment  with making a new cheese every month and give a few away as a cheese gift. You just may be surprised at how much fun you can have with your friends while making cheese together and make a little extra income besides.

You can contact us if you like or to see how to make some homemade cheese recipes on your now then just click the link text. To see some history on Camembert with the with some recipes Blue Cheese & Duch Gouta & Feta  Swiss & Havarti  Cheddar & Cottage & Edam & Rennet & Home  &  Mozzarella Cheese or Goat Cheese &  Colby cheese . 

 If you are thinking about what kind of cow or goat would be good for a small or large farm you can read my latest review at Raising Dairy Goats, or Good Milk Cows.

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Q: How much milk does it take to make cheese?
A: One gallon of milk = one pound of cheese. Eight litres of milk = one kilogram of cheese.

Q: Can I use rennet tablets instead of liquid rennet?
A: Yes, although it is bit more difficult to get an exact measurement if you need to break a tablet in half when making smaller batches of cheese, then do so. 

Q: What is the ratio of liquid rennet to rennet tablets?
A: One tsp. liquid rennet = one tablet.
Tip: Have fun when you make cheese because the odd time it may not turn out as planed but there is no shame in trying it. For when it works you can add happy to your fun.
Tip: A coffee can with both ends cut out makes a real good home made cheese press.
Cheese Making can be as easy as baking a cake!  So how to make cheese? First we need to find the cheese recipe that is right for you.  Come, experience these cheese making recipes in your own home!  

With simple step-by-step directions of how to make cheese, you'll find it easy to make your own delicious cheeses at home.  You will need a the right cheese making kit and supplies necessary for this venture.  Surprise your family and friends with your own Dutch Gouda, blue cheese or goat cheese.The history of cheese making goes back thousands of years.  It has evolved and been perfected over the years until we have the cheese of today. 

Many are rediscovering the enjoyment of making their own beautiful cheese right in their own home.  Many varieties can be made from cow or goat's milk that may be available from a small acreage (like ourselves) or large farm, or simply milk from grocery store.
We use relatively the same recipes for making cheese that people have used for hundreds of years. 

Now, there are a few simple but very important rules to follow to have success with making your home made cheese, from cottage cheese to Duch Gouda, (Gouda cheese being one of are most succesfull in making).

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