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This cheese, called Ayib, uses buttermilk. To make this buttermilk, you will need whole milk that has already soured and has been churned. This buttermilk is removed for the cheese making process. (Please note that if you don’t have sour buttermilk, skimmed milk will work just as well.)

Ok, so here we go. So how to make homemade African Ayib. First for this recipe you will need 6 litters of buttermilk or skimmed milk to make Ayib cheese.

Put the buttermilk into a pot.
Starting slowly over a low temperature, begin by warming the buttermilk in a clean pot. Bring the temperature up to 50 degrees C. (You may desire to bring the temperature up to 65 degrees C, which will destroy any harmful bacteria and will increase the shelf-life of the cheese. This I would recommend for food safety reasons. 

If you have chosen to increase the temperature, it is important to reduce the temperature back to 50 degrees C. before adding any the rennet to the milk.

Once the temperature is back at 50 degrees C, it is time to add the rennet. Mix ½ tsp. liquid rennet into 1/8 cup of cool water. Now that you have mixed the rennet with the water, it may be added to the buttermilk. Stir the solution well into the buttermilk.

Now let the pot rest for 1 hour.

While the curd is setting, prepare a clean strainer or colander for straining the curds. Moisten a clean fine mesh cloth with fresh cold water and spread the cloth out into the bottom of the colander. (The whey may be saved, as many consider it to be a fine, refreshing drink. The whey has a protein content of about 0.75%. This protein content is very valuable to those in countries where protein is lacking in the daily diets.)

When the 1 hour is over, gently stir the curds in the pot. Then gently scoop the curds into the colander.

Gently turn the curds over a bit, to let all the whey drain off.

Let the curds drain for 5 to 10 minutes.

Transfer the curds to a clean container. The curds may be salted at this point, if so desired. Just simply add salt until it suits your tastes. Adding salt to the curds will give the cheese a longer shelf-life, although this is not usually done in Ethiopia.

Since African Ayib cheese is not pressed, all that needs to be done is to place the container of cheese into the fridge. Then enjoy!

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Homemade cheese
Here is how to make homemade African Ayib Cheese on your own. This is a different homemade soft curd, cheese recipe for you to try.

This cheese recipe originates from the country of Ethiopia and is one of the simplest cheeses to make as far as I can see.

Cheese making is quite a bit more difficult in Africa and other  poorer countries, compared to cheese making in the western world simply because of the lack of refrigeration.
How to Make Homemade African Ayib Cheese Making Recipe