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It was never massed produced, as say cheddar cheese was, because hoop cheese does spoil quickly.

How to make homemade hoop cheese is simple and a easy recipe. One of the nice things about this cheese is that it doesn’t require a lot of special ingredients or equipment. So the first step is to make up a batch of fresh homemade cottage cheese curds. NOTE: Once you have drained the curds, do not add cream or salt to curds. Leave the curds in the plain dry form for putting into the press. You can find the cottage cheese making recipe here on this websites.

Once you have made the cottage cheese curds, line your hoop or cheese press with a fresh cheesecloth which you have slightly dampened.  Now, place the curds into the hoop or press. We do this to remove all the whey from the curds.

Leave the curds in the press between four to six hours. If you desire a dryer cheese, you can leave the curds in the press overnight.

Remove the wheel of cheese from the press and you now have a wheel of hoop cheese. You may eat the cheese immediately, or you can wax it and age it to increase the flavour. If you don’t age it, the cheese will be much more mild in taste. Be sure to keep the cheese in the refrigerator. Being that the cheese does not contain salt, it can soil much more quickly.

Some Southern restaurants still serve hoop cheese and occasionally, it can be found at the Farmer’s Market. The best thing about this cheese making recipe is that you may not have tried to make this at home before it just mite be time to give this recipe a try. 

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How to Make Homemade Hoop Cheese Making Recipe
Hoop Cheese is a simple cheese homemade making recipe, most commonly made in the early American time period. It was particularly well-known in the southern states, where it could be found at most any grocery store. Hoop Cheese making recipe was made in large wheels and coated with red wax. It had an unique nutty flavour and had a creamy yellow color. The grocer would simply cut the desired wedge from the large wheel, and many grocers actually made the hoop cheese themselves at the back of their shop.