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While the taste of the dessert will be slightly altered if using drained yogurt instead of cream cheese, you can still have a scrumptious dessert and yet it will be healthy for you. When using drained yogurt as a substitute for cream cheese, use the same amount of drained yogurt as the recipe called for cream cheese. 

You can also make a wonderful low-fat substitute for sour cream using drained yogurt if you like. The drained yogurt can be used plain, or you can add a few spices to it. I like to add a bit of seasoning salt, a shake of garlic powder and onion powder, and a sprinkle of finely chopped parsley leaves when I am making my own sour cream. Adjust these spices to suit your own taste. You could also use fresh minced garlic and onion. This is scrumptious on top of a hot baked potato.

Drained yogurt can also be eaten by itself as a healthy dessert or snack. Just add a bit of vanilla flavouring and brown sugar (that is not so healthy, wink, wink) to suit your taste, it’s just that simple. It’s so yummy! Or you can take this a step further by adding sliced fresh fruit or maybe even some granola, and there you have a nutritious breakfast. 

Now How to Make your own Homemade Drained Yogurt: Recipe 

Yogurt made from either cow’s milk and goat’s milk can be used to make your drained yogurt. Even store-bought yogurt can be used. Making drained yogurt is really simple to make. You don’t need any fancy equipment. All you need is a large clean dishtowel (if you don’t have a cheesecloth, but it can’t be the fuzzy type), some clean clothespins, a clean bucket or large bowl, and a rubber scraper.

Pin the clean dishtowel over the top of the bucket or bowl, using the clothespins to hold the dishtowel in place. Let the dishtowel sag or hang down inside the bucket a little bit. Pour the plain, fresh yogurt into the dishtowel and then cover. Using the rubber scraper to gentle stir the yogurt occasionally will help it drain better. You can leave the yogurt draining for overnight if you wish. The longer you drain it, the thicker your drained yogurt will be. When the yogurt has reached the desired thickness, place into a clean container and refrigerate. You now have drained yogurt and you can use it in any of the ways mentioned above. 

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Drained yogurt can be used in a variety of ways and is really quite easy to make. It is healthy for you as well, especially if you use your own homemade yogurt to begin with, which plan yogurt is what you will have to start with.

Drained yogurt is a wonderful healthy option if you are looking for a healthy, low-fat alternative.  You can use it as a substitute for Philadelphia cream cheese in dessert recipes. 
How to Make Homemade Drained Yogurt Recipe Cream Cheese, Sour Cream