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Learning how to make homemade Mysost cheese is really quite simple. This recipe for making cheese originally came from the country of Norway. Mysost cheese has an unusually sweet taste when compared to other cheeses.

The sweetness comes from the method used in this cheese making process by using simple evaporation. The sugar content is higher in the final cheese product because of the evaporation, and the color of the cheese will be much darker.
How to Make Homemade Mysost Cheese Making Recipe
To decide on the batch size for this Mysost cheese recipe, you just need to make sure to use equal amounts of fresh sweet whey and fresh milk. The whey would have come from a cheese that you have already made a day or so before and stored in the refrigerator. (For example if you are using ½ a gallon of whey, add ½ a gallon of fresh milk.)

Place the whey and milk in a large clean pot with equal amounts of your choice.

After you have mixed the milk and whey together thoroughly, begin to heat the milk.

The objective here is to bring the milk to the simmering point without letting it boil. You will need to keep a very close eye on the milk and you will need to stir it quite frequently to keep it from scorching.

Keep the milk simmering until it begins to thicken. This may take several hours, so don’t get impatient.

Once the mixture has thickened, pour it into a large shallow dish (about 1 inch deep). A large clean cake pan would work well.

As the cheese begins to cool, it will begin to firm up.

When it is firm, cut into your desired size of pieces.

The pieces may be wrapped individually in cellophane, or may be placed in an airtight container. Now place the cheese into the fridge. Mysost cheese can also be eaten fresh if you like it that way.

Here are some ways to serve this cheese. Since this is a softer cheese, you may try it spread on crackers or on toast. Some even prefer it spread on flatbread. You may also try melting it on top of various dishes of food.

Here is  a recipe variation to try when making Mysost cheese, replace half of the cow’s milk with goat’s milk.

The people of Norway once (and may still do to this day) consider breakfast to be the most important meal of their day and therefore it is also the largest meal of the day. Some elementary schools in Norway actually provide breakfast for the children before classes begin for the day.  A typical Norwegian breakfast may consist of a serving of fish, a few slices of cold meat and cheese along with cereal, bread, and eggs. Two smaller and lighter meals are eaten later in the day. This dietary custom has become known as the “Oslo breakfast” and has been adopted by other countries around the world as a way of better health for their children.

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