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If you are only making a small wheel of cheese at a time, you may save up the whey frozen in the freezer until you have enough whey gathered together. The whey used in this cheese making recipe can be from a wide variety of cheeses, such as farmers cheese, cheddar cheese, gouda, mozzarella, or even cottage cheese.   

Ricotta cheese is quite similar to cottage cheese in its consistency and has a nutty sort of taste. It is used in several Italian dishes, such as lasagna. 

Here is How to Make Your own Homemade Ricotta Cheese Making Recipe Yourself:

Place 2 gallons of whey into a large pot.

Begin to heat the whey. As the whey is heating, you will notice a layer of cream rising to the top.  When you see the cream rising, add 3 quarts of whole milk to the whey and mix well.

Continue to heat, bringing the whey almost to a boil. BUT DO NOT ALLOW IT TO BOIL! It will be foaming and if allowed to boil, most assuredly would boil over the top of the pot making quite a mess and you will be losing a lot of the whey.

As soon as it has reached the “almost boiling point“, remove the pot from the heat and let it rest until the curds begin to rise to the surface. The curds should pull away from the sides of the pot as well.

Now it is time to stir in 1 cup of good potent vinegar. Mix in very well.

Again, let the whey rest. And as the curds come to the surface, begin to gently skim them off. And place them in a colander or strainer that is lined with a cheese cloth. The curds may be very small and soft and want to plug-up the cloth, so it might take some time to strain all the curds. 

When all the curds are in the cheese cloth, tie the ends of the cloth together creating a little bag. Then hang the bag on a nail or on a knob of one of the kitchen cabinet doors. Be sure to place a bowl under the bag to catch the drips while the curds are draining. Let the curds drain for about 7 to 9 hours. (The longer they drain, the drier the cheese will be.)

Remove the curds from the bag and place into a bowl. Sprinkle with salt, gently stirring to mix in. Salt to taste. If serving plain, chill first. Otherwise store in the fridge until ready to use. And there, you’ve made your own homemade ricotta cheese.

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Cheese making reipes
Homemade cheese
Homemade Ricotta cheese making  recipe is a fun cheese to make and does not require a lot of equipment. But one main ingredient which ricotta cheese does use, is whey. 

While most other kinds of cheese making require whole milk or skim milk, you have to have whey saved from a previous cheese to make this cheese. 

So if you are a frugal person like myself and don’t like to see anything go to waste, then this cheese is for you.
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 How to Make Homemade Ricotta Cheese Making Recipe